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Our suggestion
Hikikomori is defined as "a state of absence from work, school and staying at home for almost six months without almost any zero interactions with people other than intimate family.
"Hikikomori" is caused by numerous factors from a variety of backgrounds and thus is not a saingle disease or disorder. There are approximately 320,000 househollds with hikikomori.

Cause and current situation of hikikomori
Cause of the hikikomori and present condition
When I looking aqt the current conditions of modern day society, people cna be diagnosed with Hikikomori simply by chance. These people also have lower employment rates of 44% and 18.7% of those with the disorder have been refused to schooling, and have not been able to show resilience to move on with their lives.
The main cause of our reduction in high school participation rates is due to past traumatic expeirence, instecurities and mental issues: including depression , anxiety and eating disorders. Recently, this number has been increasing each year.

Power of make-up
By making make-up you can meet new people and create a positive mindset.
Make-up is simply a tool that changes
how you look to others, but why not use it to make you feel positive about how you present yourself tio society?
Cabinet Office, Government of Japan
Bright and positive with make-up!!